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If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom countertops to quartz, you might have picked the material for its water resistance or easy maintenance. This countertop material also comes with a wide variety of color and pattern options to choose from, but we’re here to make that decision easier. Here are a few things to consider to help you choose your quartz bathroom countertops.

  1. Choose your style: The first step to choosing the perfect quartz bathroom countertops for your home is choosing the style you want to accomplish with your countertops. Do you want something more neutral to simply tie all the colors in your bathroom together, or do you want something brighter to make the counters stand out? You can also choose earthen tones to replicate the look of natural stones, like marble or granite, for a more sophisticated look.
  2. Choose your color: Choosing the style you want to achieve with your countertops will also help to narrow down your color choices. You will want to choose something that will match the overall color scheme of your bathroom without clashing.
  3. Choose your pattern: The last part of choosing the perfect quartz bathroom countertops is choosing the pattern. Quartz offers a wide variety from solid colors to speckles, veining, and swirls. Choosing a solid color can give a sleek appearance, while speckles or veining can add more variety to the appearance and style of your bathroom.

No matter what quartz bathroom countertops you choose, you can come to us at Complete Kitchen & Bath for quality countertops. You can give us a call if you would like to learn more or get some assistance narrowing down your options for your new countertops.