few steps for stress-free kitchen remodeling

Simple Steps to Make Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Easy

Any home renovation can be stressful, but kitchen remodeling tends to be one of the most intrusive. Here are a few steps for stress-free kitchen remodeling:
  • Set a clear budget – Not only do you need to let your contractor know exactly what you’re willing to spend, but you also want to make a solid agreem

granite countertops are an excellent choice

How to Maintain Granite Countertops

Most people know that granite countertops are an excellent choice. They are strong, durable, and have a beautiful natural appeal. Each piece is unique and can make your home look sophisticated with your own personal style. How can you keep these beautiful countertops in optimal condition? Follow…
quartz countertops are engineered from natural materials

Advantages to Choosing Quartz Countertops

There are so many options available for countertops. Here at Complete Kitchen & Bath we have a large selection of countertop choices, each one beautiful and high quality. If you are considering quartz countertops, read on to learn some of the advantages of choosing quartz:
  • Ultra-durable: Mos

pros and cons of some of our most popular kitchen countertops

The Pros and Cons of Our Top 3 Kitchen Countertops

There are so many options available in kitchen countertops, and each material has its advantages. How can you decide which is best for you? We hope that by knowing some of the pros and cons of some of our most popular kitchen countertops, you’ll be able to make a selection that best fits your needs: Quar…
Choosing Bathroom Countertops You’ll Love

Choosing Bathroom Countertops You’ll Love

Have you ever considered making your bathroom into a reprieve from daily life? Many people want to have a space where they can soak in the tub or do some self-pampering and feel completely relaxed and at home. When you’re designing your new bathroom or making renovations to an existing bathroom, you h…
get your flooring materials from a flooring showroom

Flooring Online or Flooring Showroom?

There seems to be a growing number of sources online where you can purchase flooring for your home. The question is whether this is as advantageous as they make it out to be. They promise lower prices because they don’t have to cover the cost of a showroom, but what you lose in terms of customer service an…
Granite countertops can be a stunning focal point in your kitchen or bathroom

Tips for Getting Exceptional Granite Countertops

Granite countertops can be a stunning focal point in your kitchen or bathroom, provided they have been properly fabricated and installed. With so many sources for granite these days, it is helpful to understand how to tell where you’ll get a good experience and where you’ll get an exceptional one. H…
choosing a flooring that has antimicrobial traits is a wise choice

Choosing Pet-Friendly Flooring

When considering flooring in a household that has furry family members, you have to be concerned about what can hold up to scratches, stains, and accidents, as well as be safe. There are pros and cons about each type of flooring so it will depend on what objectives you believe are the most important.
  • An

flooring for a tiny house

Considerations When Choosing Flooring for a Tiny House

It seems that the “less is more” philosophy is becoming more popular as time goes by, with all ages and personalities deciding that more space means more work. Whether you are considering a tiny house to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, you might be wondering what you should be thinking abo…
protect your hardwood floors

Caring for Your Hardwood Floors

Whenever you watch a home improvement show, you’ll quickly notice a theme between individuals who are looking for a home or remodeling one: most everyone wants hardwood floors! With hardwood floors, you are able to create a warm, comfortable feeling in your space without changing much else. Hardw…