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When people talk about quartz countertops, they often give high praises for their beauty, low maintenance, and versatility of styles and colors. While these are all great reasons to buy quartz countertops, this is not all you need to know about them.

Here are some more things you need to know about your new quartz kitchen countertops:

  • Not heat-resistant: While your quartz kitchen countertops are stain-resistant, they are not heat resistant, like you might find with granite countertops. Be sure to always use hot pads, trivets, etc. before placing hot pots and pans on the counter.
  • Easy to clean: One of the best things about quartz kitchen countertops is that they are easy to clean. There’s no need to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners—those could actually damage the material. Simply use a rag with soap and water to clean up any spills. It’s better to clean up spills as soon as possible, as this helps to reduce the chances of staining.
  • No need to reseal: Quartz is a manufactured material that isn’t porous like many of the stone countertop options. This means you don’t have to worry about resealing your quartz kitchen countertops to make them last longer. Simply keep them clean and remember to use hot pads and cutting boards, and you can enjoy your countertops for years.

Now that you have all you need to know about your quartz kitchen countertops, you can surely treat them and care for them properly to enjoy their unique beauty for years to come. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about them.