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Here at Complete Kitchen & Bath, we have our own fabrication shop that we use to cut, polish, and finish custom granite, quartz, and stone countertops to perfection. We have the right tools and experience to create virtually anything you want here (in terms of countertops, at least), and we are even happy to let you tour our shop to see our process in action. If you are interested in what goes on in our fabrication shop, you can keep reading this article to get a brief overview, and you can call to schedule a tour if you want to see our shop for yourself.

  • Inspection- The first thing that happens when we make an order at our fabrication shop is inspection of the slab. Natural stone will have variations that our clients may want to highlight, and flaws that may need to be worked around.
  • Templating- Once our team and our client are both satisfied with the stone they have chosen, we will draft a template to cut out the shape of the counter. We will work to the exact specifications of your design to make sure the finished countertop fits perfectly.
  • Cutting- Next, it’s time to use the tools in our fabrication shop to cut out the countertop. Fabricators typically use either a water jet or bridge saw for this purpose, but no matter what tool they choose, they need to cut out the outline as well as any holes for sinks, faucets, etc.
  • Polishing- The final step in the fabrication process is to polish the stone to your desired finish and apply a protective seal. After that, it’s time to take the countertop to your home for installation.