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Any home renovation can be stressful, but kitchen remodeling tends to be one of the most intrusive. Here are a few steps for stress-free kitchen remodeling:

  • Set a clear budget – Not only do you need to let your contractor know exactly what you’re willing to spend, but you also want to make a solid agreement with your partner or anyone who will be involved in the decision making to prevent contention.
  • Prioritize – Choose two or three things that matter the most to you that you’re willing to pay the most for. Then still try to choose options you’ll love but remember to not nit-pick every little decision besides the priority items.
  • Maintain open communication – Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice any concerns you may have. Respond to your contractors in a timely manner so they don’t feel pressured into making decisions without your consent.
  • Plan ahead for food with a temporary kitchen – With the help of a folding table, an electric skillet, electric pressure cooker, and a microwave, you can set up a small kitchen in another area of your home. Choose a spot that is near a water source and not close to the construction site.  You can use disposable dishes or give each person in your family a mess kit that they wash themselves after each use.
  • Choose a company with excellent customer service – Not only do you want someone with experience and expertise to perform your kitchen remodeling, but you need a company that listens, responds, and treats you with respect. Check the company’s ratings to ensure you’ll receive the best customer service.

At Complete Kitchen & Bath, we want to provide you with a positive, stress-free kitchen remodeling experience. Call us today to get started.