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Although high-quality countertops tend to be a priority in the kitchen before bathrooms, bathroom countertops are just as important. They offer an essential work surface for various hygiene and grooming needs. Plus, they add to the overall aesthetic of the room. Whether it’s your master bathroom or guest bathroom, choosing suitable countertops takes careful consideration.

There are many bathroom countertop materials to choose from, but granite and quartz are the most popular for good reason. If you are interested in these countertops but you are also torn between them, here are a couple things to consider:

  • Appearance: If you’re willing to invest in luxurious countertop materials like granite or quartz, aesthetics are obviously important to you. Granite is natural stone, whereas quartz is a combination of natural and man-made materials, but both offer a natural appearance. Both also offer a wide selection of colors, so your choice likely comes down to what kinds of patterns you prefer.
  • Durability: You want your bathroom countertops to last for many years. Both granite and quartz are durable, but quartz countertops take the prize in this category. It’s harder than granite and it is non-porous, which means quartz will resist bacteria better.
  • Cost: Bathroom countertops made of quartz are typically cheaper than granite countertops, though there are still cheap granite countertops out there that rival the price of quartz. Affordability probably isn’t more important than durability and appearance, but it could be a deciding factor if you are having a difficult time choosing between granite and quartz.

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