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One of the reasons to renovate your kitchen is because a dated kitchen can adversely affect its resale value. It wouldn’t do you much good to go through all that if you didn’t actually bring it up to the newest designs in demand. As you get started planning your kitchen design, consider the trends anticipated by the experts to be the most popular heading into 2019.

  1. Colors – White is getting a run for its money in favor of cabinets that are stained or painted in warm, earthy colors. While a white kitchen design is classic, if you want to gain a significant jump in value, consider blue, green, black, and wood tones. Speaking of black, it is replacing gray in kitchen designs, as it provides a sharp contrast and adds elegance. Here’s a surprising change – gold is gaining popularity over brass, with such offerings as black golds, rose golds, gold patina, and bright golds showing up in high-end appliances and fixtures.
  2. No Upper Cabinets – The minimalistic movement has reached kitchen design, and part of that is eliminating upper cabinets in favor of a plain wall or perhaps some open metal shelving in place of them. Don’t worry about the lost storage, as a floor-to-ceiling pantry addition, butler’s pantry, or a beautiful antique armoire can more than make up for the lost upper cabinets.
  3. Fancy Appliances – If you want a kitchen design that really captures attention, a big part of your budget should be saved for the appliances. High-end stoves, ovens, hoods, cook tops, and refrigerators are so far removed from the stainless that was popular that you won’t recognize your own kitchen! Think bright colors, vintage-looking, and mammoth sizes.
  4. Sinks With WOW – You might want to save a few dollars of your budget for the sink, too. You can impress with hammered finishes, unique materials, intricate details, bright metallics, and a host of other sinks that can become the focal point of your new kitchen design.

If you would like to know more about today’s trends in kitchen design, call or stop by and see us at Complete Kitchen & Bath. Whether you are looking for a couple of upgrades or a custom redesigned kitchen that will make your home one-of-a-kind, we are here to help.