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Countertops are one of the most eye-catching features in your kitchen. If they look outdated, they can be difficult to ignore. On the flip side, high-end kitchen countertops can make a statement, allowing you to take pride in your kitchen and even increase your home’s resale value.

If you think it’s time to update your kitchen countertops, there are several things you should consider before making your choice. After all, countertops are too important for you to make a choice you regret. Here are three things to consider when you are choosing kitchen countertops for your home:

  1. Do you prefer timeless or trendy looks? High-end countertop materials like quartz, granite, and marble come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. It’s not difficult to find an option that suits your preferred aesthetic, but you should also take a moment to consider how long you will enjoy that aesthetic. Instead of being quick to jump on a trend that you will dislike in just a few years, opt for kitchen countertops that look timeless.
  2. How durable do you need your countertops to be? Your choice of kitchen countertops should be informed by how you intend to use them. If you cook frequently and expect to prep food on your countertops daily, you’ll need countertops that are scratch-resistant. You may also want to think about which materials are nonporous or heat-resistant to ensure your countertops stay in good shape.
  3. How much maintenance are you willing to handle? Some countertops need regular resealing to protect the natural stone from stains. Other types of countertops merely need wiping down with mild soap and, occasionally, glass cleaner. If you don’t mind maintenance, your choice of kitchen countertop may not matter as much. If you hate cleaning, make sure to give careful thought to your decision.

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