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Plumbing FAQs

The plumbing system is one of the most essential in your home, so when you’re remodeling, you’ll need to make sure you factor in how you’ll address any new plumbing needs or updates. Our team at Complete Kitchen & Bath has plenty of experience in this area, and we’ve put together this list of common questions to help encourage you to work with our team the next time your remodeling project requires you to do some work on the plumbing.

Can I relocate my sink during a remodel?
It’s possible to relocate a sink, but it may take some pretty extensive plumbing work. Moving a sink typically involves rerouting the pipes, so it’s best to leave this up to skilled plumbers.
How can I optimize my under-sink storage while keeping my plumbing accessible?
Custom cabinets come with all kinds of awesome features to accommodate under-sink storage. Features like pull-out trays, dividers, and specialty cabinet organizers can ensure you have plenty of storage while still being able to easily get to your plumbing when you need to.
What are the factors I need to consider if I want to move my refrigerator or dishwasher during a remodeling project?
The main thing to consider, outside of how the relocation will impact the flow of your kitchen, is how you will run water supply lines to the new locations. A skilled plumber can ensure your lines are run properly, allowing you to minimize the risk of leaks or other issues.
Can I change my shower into a bathtub or vice versa?
Yes, this is a common request with bathroom remodels. The change will likely involve some changes to the plumbing layout to accommodate the new configuration.
What is the best material for kitchen plumbing?
There are several options available, but PEX, PVC, and copper are among the most popular.
Complete Kitchen & Bath took our outdated, cramped, pink master bathroom and turned it into a fabulous, updated, functional bathroom!

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