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Choosing stone for your countertops is no small task! One look at the plethora of samples that are available at any home improvement store is sure to leave the average person wondering if they actually know what they want in terms of stone anymore. When you are looking at your stone options for stone fabrication of your countertops, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, know the differences between the natural and man-made fabrication processes. When you go with a stone like granite or marble, you are choosing a natural stone that will come with natural variations in terms of coloring, inclusions, etc. If you are choosing a natural stone, be sure to ask to choose your own slab of material so that you can be sure of your choice on a larger scale. With products like Silestone and Cambria, you get consistent colors and veining, since it is a manmade product, so slab selection will not be necessary.

Second, be sure to check out a showroom like ours at Complete Kitchen & Bath before deciding upon your stone fabrication options. This means looking at every detail besides the color of your countertops. Think about thickness, edging options, and the other small details that go with stone fabrication.

Third, make sure that all your remodeling of cabinetry is done before they come to measure for your countertops. For example, if you are installing a large island, make sure to have all cabinetry in place and account for any overhang that you might want for a breakfast bar.

To learn more about our stone fabrication process here at Complete Kitchen & Bath, come and talk with us today!