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There are several reasons why contractors who build and renovate homes have been turning to quartz as a preferred material for countertops. For one thing, quartz bathroom or kitchen countertops have a stunning appearance, are design-friendly, and require little maintenance. Add in that families are trending toward them, and you have the recipe for a win-win scenario.

There are several advantages that you need to know about quartz bathroom countertops before choosing them for your project.

  • Supply- There is a ready supply of quartz, since it is a manufactured product rather than needing to be found, excavated, and transported like natural stone does.
  • Stain-resistant- It might not seem like you’d have to worry about many stains in a bathroom. However, the reality is that quartz bathroom countertops do handle makeup and other messes that could stain other types of materials.
  • Bacteria- Since quartz bathroom countertops have a smooth, non-porous texture, they resist bacteria and germs better.
  • Variety- Quartz is an engineered stone, so you’ll have plenty of options to match the style and décor easily with quartz bathroom countertops. You can even get colors that you wouldn’t typically find in a natural stone product.

At Complete Kitchen & Bath, we are happy to tell you more about quartz bathroom countertops so you can confidently make a decision based on facts and accurate expectations. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to tour our Lakeland, Florida fabrication shop so you can get a better idea about our workmanship and the options available. Reach out with any questions you might have about our granite, quartz, and marble products and custom services.