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Your bathroom countertops aren’t quite as beaten up as your kitchen countertops, but you still want to choose a material that works best for you and your home. Some common options include quartz, granite, and marble. Here are a few things to consider to help you decide which type of bathroom countertop is best for you.

  • How much must it withstand? Things like makeup and toothpaste can easily stain your bathroom countertop if you’re not careful. Leaving puddles of water around the sink while washing your hands or brushing your teeth could leave water damage as well, depending on the material. If you are a little rougher with your bathroom countertops, you might want a material that is more stain resistant, like quartz.
  • What color do you want? You can choose bathroom countertops to match or blend in with your bathroom or to act as an accent piece. If you want a color that is closer to the natural stone look, you may want to consider a more natural stone material, like granite. However, quartz also comes in a variety of colors, including natural stone shades.
  • What texture do you prefer? Do you prefer bathroom countertops with a solid color, or do you want something with veining or speckles? Fortunately, most of our countertop materials offer a variety of textures to choose from.

If you still can’t decide what type of bathroom countertops you like best, you can come check out your options in our showroom. Give us a call to learn more.