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Carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices out there. Not only is it an economical way to literally cover a lot of ground, but it is soft underfoot, insulating in both temperature and noise control, and comes in a wide variety of designs, colors and thicknesses. If you are one of the many, many people who currently have carpeting in their home, here are a few tips to keeping your carpet looking great as the years go by.

  • Remove your shoes- One of the hardest things on carpet is the dirt and grime that gets trampled in with people’s shoes. Not only will your carpet be cleaner if you institute a “no shoes” policy, but you’ll have fewer germs and allergens as well.
  • Clean regularly– Dirt and grime do more than just stain your carpet, but they actually act as an abrasive material that can shred the fibers of your carpet. With regular carpet cleanings done by a professional once or twice per year, your carpet will stay looking good for much longer.
  • Buy appropriately– Choosing the right type of carpet for your lifestyle is crucial for your carpet satisfaction. If you have a lot of pets, children, parties or other activities going on, do not buy carpeting that is inexpensive, light-colored or without a pattern. Straight-colored carpets will show every little stain, so they should be avoided in areas of high activity. Buying carpets that make sense for your home will be the difference between seeing stains everywhere and being able to focus on other things.
  • Install wisely– If you have high-traffic areas, instead of worrying about stained or flattened carpet, install something else in that area!

These are some of the tips we at Complete Kitchen & Bath use to keep our carpet looking good — what are some things that you do?