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Granite countertops can be a stunning focal point in your kitchen or bathroom, provided they have been properly fabricated and installed. With so many sources for granite these days, it is helpful to understand how to tell where you’ll get a good experience and where you’ll get an exceptional one. Here are two tips for getting exceptional granite countertops that will add value to your home and increase your enjoyment.

1. View Slabs, Not Samples: When choosing the granite for your granite countertops, don’t go off a sample that might be quite a bit different than the slab that ends up being used for your project. By viewing the slab itself, you can spot natural variations that you fall in love with and want to have present in your granite countertops, as well as natural occlusions you would like the fabrication shop to avoid if possible.

Tips for Getting Exceptional Granite Countertops

2. In-House Fabrication Shop: Take a tour of the fabrication shop that will be creating your granite countertops so you can see things in action. You will usually save money over a company that sends the slab away for fabrication because they’ll add a fee on top of it for their benefit.

At Complete Kitchen & Bath, we are quite proud of our regularly replenished stock of granite for creating granite countertops, as well as our fabrication shop that is open to the public by appointment. We are happy so show off our new BACA Robo SawJet that delivers exceptional results. We also have a large variety of remnant granite pieces that can be used for smaller projects. Call today to learn more.