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When it comes to choosing a countertop for your bathroom, quartz bathroom countertops are one of the best options around. Not only are quartz bathroom countertops nonporous, highly durable, and environmentally friendly, but they are also known for having a versatile appearance. These countertops offer many different colors, styles, and designs, making them the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking for a way to make their bathroom stand out.

  1. Pure white: Sometimes less is more! Pure white quartz bathroom countertops are a sure way to give your bathroom a sleek, classy, elegant, and modern feel. Plus, white goes with practically every color, so you can instantly tie your bathroom together or use the white top as a contrast.
  2. Dark accents: One of the biggest perks of using quartz for your bathroom countertops is that quartz comes in such a wide variety of appearances. You can get countertops in colors like black, brown, beige, red, green, or blue to make a bold statement in your bathroom.
  1. Speckled tops: Looking for more variety in your countertops? Or maybe you’d like some added texture? You could stick with a solid color, but why not try something new? Quartz offers speckles, veining, and swirls to give your bathroom countertops a unique design.

Ready to remodel your bathroom? Get started with stunning quartz countertops! You can instantly achieve a stunning and attractive look for your bathroom that is also low maintenance and very durable. Give us a call here at Complete Kitchen & Bath for more information today!