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Just like any other room in your home, your bathroom can seriously benefit from a good remodel. But where should you start? You could tackle the walls, cabinets, or countertops. Another way to transform your bathroom is to focus on the bathroom fixtures. Here are a few bathroom fixtures that you can remodel to breathe new life into your bathroom.

  1. Toilets: A bathroom isn’t really a bathroom without a toilet. As one of the most common bathroom fixtures, toilets come in many different varieties for you to choose from. Looking to maximize space? Install a toilet that’s fixed to the wall. Want to change up the color scheme? Explore color options for toilets. Toilets come in different shapes and sizes, too.
  1. Sinks: There seems to be a limitless variety of sinks to choose from. Basins can come in different shapes, styles, and materials. Faucets can add a creative, modern, or classy feel to your bathroom. You can also decide whether you would like to add a vanity or cabinet to your sink to maximize storage.
  1. Showers: Showers have come a long way since they were invented back in 1767. You can make your shower fit in with an open floor plan or create a sectional that divides your shower from the toilet area. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from. Once you’ve picked a material, you can also explore options for other things like your showerhead and shower door.

Remodeling your bathroom fixtures is an exciting prospect. Give us a call here at Complete Kitchen & Bath today for more information!