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Of all the decisions you will need to make if you are planning a master bathroom design renovation, the one that often seems to be the most challenging to make is whether to forego the tub in favor of utilizing the space in another way. Here are some reasons in support of keeping a tub and not keeping it that can help with this decision.

Master Bathroom Design Decision: Tub or No Tub?

Reasons to Keep the Tub:

  • You frequently enjoy long soaks for relaxation
  • You do not have another bathtub elsewhere in your home
  • Your bathroom is large enough to accommodate everything you want without sacrificing the tub
  • You fear giving up the tub is just a fad and it might hurt resale value later if it isn’t there
  • You like the idea of a larger tub with more features, so you plan to upgrade your current tub

Reasons to Ditch the Tub:

  • You have trouble getting into or out of the tub
  • You rarely, if ever, use the bathtub
  • You want more room for a larger shower, dual vanity, storage cabinet or other feature in your bathroom design plans
  • You want to save money replacing the current tub with a more functional one
  • You want an open appearance in the bathroom design

Here at Complete Kitchen & Bath, we can help you with a fantastic bathroom design whether you want to keep your current bathtub, replace it with something more functional and pleasing, or ditch it completely in favor of a different design aspect. Large walk-in showers are very versatile and popular, so if that is the route you want to take, let us know, and we’ll discuss how to make that happen. Call today to learn more.