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There seems to be a growing number of sources online where you can purchase flooring for your home. The question is whether this is as advantageous as they make it out to be. They promise lower prices because they don’t have to cover the cost of a showroom, but what you lose in terms of customer service and assistance might not make it the bargain you had hoped for when you hate your selection.

When you visit a flooring showroom, you can see larger samples of the flooring materials and sometimes larger representations. You also gain the benefit of a knowledgeable sales professional who can answer your questions about the various flooring materials. You are far more likely to choose a product that meets your objectives if you see more than the small sample the online source might be willing to send you or what it looks like on your computer screen.

The other thing to consider is cost. It isn’t always less expensive to deal with an online source for flooring. While they might not have a showroom to pay for, they do have a warehouse and that can cost much more to operate. Often a flooring showroom keeps only certain products in stock and has a smaller warehouse because they have relationships with flooring manufacturers to ship the necessary materials in a timely manner.

Finally, the best reason to get your flooring materials from a flooring showroom is that they can handle the installation for you, including measuring to be sure the right quantity is purchased. If you purchase the materials online, you either have to handle those tasks yourself or try to find an installer that will work with materials they didn’t sell you.

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