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It seems that the “less is more” philosophy is becoming more popular as time goes by, with all ages and personalities deciding that more space means more work. Whether you are considering a tiny house to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, you might be wondering what you should be thinking about in terms of flooring.

One positive about flooring for a tiny house is that each price point adds far less to the total price than it would in a standard home. For example, if you were torn between a budget tile and one that was $3 more per square foot that you absolutely adore, it would be a difference of $6,000 for a 2,000 square-foot house, but only $750 for a 250 square-foot tiny house. You might even feel comfortable going with an exotic species of hardwood for maximum effect.

As for hardwood, you want to give the illusion that your tiny house is larger than it is, so choose wide planks instead of narrow strips. You can even go with a darker shade than you might think, provided you use plenty of light elsewhere, and still make your home feel larger.

One difference for flooring for a tiny house and a standard one is that you should keep the flooring throughout the home the same or at least in the same color scheme. While it is normal to have bedrooms different than main rooms in a standard home, doing so will make your tiny house look smaller.

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