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Granite kitchen countertops have been a popular option for many years when it comes to the indoor kitchen, so it stands to reason you might be wondering if they would also do well for outdoor kitchens. The answer is an astounding yes! In fact, granite is generally considered to be the best option, especially for an outdoor kitchen that gets a fair amount of sunshine throughout the day.

The key to using granite kitchen countertops for an outdoor kitchen is being sure they have been properly sealed and that new sealant is applied when needed, usually annually in an outdoor environment. You won’t need to worry about stains or even mildew causing any issues, and your countertops will be easy to clean.

Selection of your granite kitchen countertops will vary depending on whether they are for indoor or outdoor use. For example, a dark color looks stunning in both, but if your outdoor kitchen is not shaded, a darker color can get hotter to the touch than a lighter shade of granite. Either way, you won’t have to worry about fading.

Granite kitchen countertops can be fabricated to fit your exact specifications for your outdoor kitchen just the way they are for your indoor one. You’ll be able to get the custom result you are looking for that will add value to your home and increase your family’s enjoyment.

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