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Having a special place to call your home away from home is something that many of us dream about! Not only is it nice to have a place that is yours to visit whenever you can, but it can also be a part-time rental opportunity if located in the right area. Whether you want your vacation home to be just for you and your family or you want to open it up to renters, the furnishings and fixtures in your vacation house, including the flooring options, should all be durable, long-lasting and attractive. If you are considering new flooring options for your vacation house, here are three great choices to consider.

  1. Tile- Tile is the ultimate in a durable material. It can be wet, sandy, dirty or all of these at once and still be easy to clean up! With tile, you don’t have to worry about the amount of wet feet running into the house for a quick drink or whether or not the family pets accompany you on your retreat — tile is economical, easy to clean, and very durable.
  2. Vinyl- Vinyl is like the softer, warmer sibling to tile. While tile is durable, many people like the durability as well as warmth that comes along with vinyl. With water-resistant or waterproof vinyl flooring, you can have attractive flooring options in any room without worrying about water or moistures issues, including the kitchens and baths.
  3. Hardwoods- Hardwoods are great in terms of durability! However, you’ll want to choose a different material if your property is in a humid or moist area, as moisture can cause hardwood to buckle.

These are just some of the flooring options that we at Complete Kitchen & Bath like for vacation homes, but we would love to hear what you have used in yours! Let us know in the comments about your favorite flooring options.